Stair lap alphabet

Stair lap alphabet
DATE: 2022-05-09
AO: #aoblackcat
Q: @Daisy
PAX: @Boucher @Bubblicious @Bueller @Gasman @Jar Jar @Jay-Z @Piper of BlackCat @Stache @Wapner
FNGs: None
WARMUP: arm stretch OYO, leg stretch OYO

Mosey to stairs
Stair lap alphabet
A- air squats
B- burpees
C- Carolina dry dock
D- dirty hook up
E- el captain (lunges where hands touch ground)
F- flutter kicks
G- gorilla humpers
H- heels to heaven
I- imperial walkers
J- jump squats
K- knerkins- chuck Norris
M- Merkins
N- no surrenders
O- outlaws
P- Plank Jacks
Q- quick feet
R- Rocky balboa
S- sumo Squats
T- Tysons
U-up downs


V- V-up roll ups
W- war hammer- WWII sit up w/ 4 hammers
X- XYs
Y- yurpee- clap Merkin and 2 tuck jump burpees
Z- zombie crunch- legs to side, do crunches then other side and do crunches


Beautiful Monday to start the week! Great chatter about horses and the mini to get the spirits high before the beatdown this morning. As promised movement was had this morning. 26 stair laps and The whole alphabet completed. Not all letters were fun- but each letter worked the body and kept us in motion. Overall a fair way to start the week. Continued prayers for Gasman as he is hoping sooner than later to hear about his surgery. And continued prayers for each guy and the battles they may be facing each day on their own. Always a blessing to know there is a group of men there supporting and praying for each of us. DDM achieved, but hopefully larger numbers this week as warmer and clearer weather is on the horizon!!!! Hope to see you all on Wednesday!!!


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