Dice and Fun

75F and clear

Pax: Spud, Pontoon19, PVC, Hanson, Motorboat

Warmup: walking around the parking lot while doing various exercises. arm circles, Frankenstein walk, high knees, butt kickers.

Thang: Roll the dice. Black dice is the exercise and Red dice is the count.
Burpee, Merkin, Squat, Flutter kick, Dip, Decline Merkin, Jump Tuck, Split Squat, Superman, Incline Merkin, Lunge, LBC. added a 3rd dice that determined who called cadence to mix it up.

Mary: new dice with exercises and count.
3 way tuck, knee slides, corkscrew, knees to elbow crunches, American hammers, heaven press

Recover Recover


NMM: This was a different workout for YHC and a bit more relaxed. It was fun to have other pax call cadence and was a great chance to let others lead. always fun men. keep giving it away!

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