Tundra IPC

9/30/21; clear, 53* Pax – Motorboat, Kindergarten Cop, Pontoon-19 Warm up – IYTs, SSH, and OYO Tha Thang – yeah you know….THE FINAL IPC CHALLENGE! Motorboat and KC both on a repeat and both greatly improved their numbers! Hmmm…does Beater’s strategy “the second time is always better” really work? Clancy will throw a flag if … More Tundra IPC

Dice and Fun

75F and clear Pax: Spud, Pontoon19, PVC, Hanson, Motorboat Warmup: walking around the parking lot while doing various exercises. arm circles, Frankenstein walk, high knees, butt kickers. Thang: Roll the dice. Black dice is the exercise and Red dice is the count. Burpee, Merkin, Squat, Flutter kick, Dip, Decline Merkin, Jump Tuck, Split Squat, Superman, … More Dice and Fun

IPC @ Tundra

Weather – cloudy, cool and finally dry! 50*F PAX – Motorboat, Miranda, Pontoon-19 Q/Proctor Warm-up – SSH, IYTs, Weedpickers Tha Thang – You know what it is! If not, watch this video demonstration https://f3greenwood.com/. Proud to have endured the gloom with these HIMs. Motorboat – 24:15 Miranda – 39:10 Pontoon-19 – 31:10 Tclaps for Miranda … More IPC @ Tundra

21 SEP 2021 Tundra

2 pax posted. 5 core principles, disclaimer and then alternating lunges, shoulder pretzels and weed pickers for warm up Thang- lotta tabata. 1:10 work, :20 rest. 10 exercises. 2 rounds with 2 minutes between rounds. Jump lunges, calf raises, merkins, burpees, shuttle run, air squats, step ups, shoulder taps, hand release pushups, bear crawl Mary: … More 21 SEP 2021 Tundra

Chelsea modified

scheduled Q was quarantined so YHC stepped into the role. Weather: 70F and clear Pax: Pontoon19, Spud, State, Kitty, Motorboat Disclaimer, Core Principles, and Mission statement Warmup:Shoulder pretzelsWindmillsISTSSHRun around the rotunda Thang: Just kidding! Mary to start. 5 “W” raises60 seconds knees slides10 Butterfly situps45 seconds corkscrewslevitation crunch x 10 Big Bois with rotation x … More Chelsea modified

PT Test at Tundra

PT Test – Tundra 8/31/2021 Warm up – IYT’s x10, weed pickers x10, shoulder pretzels x10, SSH x10 – stop stalling and get to it! Thang: Series of measured exercises to gather baseline data for each PAX for the purpose of seeing proof of progress! Each exercise was timed or had distance measured with 2 … More PT Test at Tundra

8/17/2021 Getting some block party reps in at Tundra!

Pax – Miranda, Motorboat, Kindergarten Cop, Pontoon-19 (Q) Beautiful morning, foggy, approximately 70* Disclaimer / Core principles Warm up- Side straddle hop x13 Shoulder pretzel x13 Abe Begotas x10 Weed pickers x10 Tha Thang – Man makers x10 Deadlifts x10 Lawnmowers x10 each side Merkins x10 Block curls x20 Goblet squats x10 Chest press x20 … More 8/17/2021 Getting some block party reps in at Tundra!

Improvised workout

Weather 75F with clouds. Muggy Pax: Motorboat, Doozy, Miranda, Blades, Kitty Warmup: SSH, air lat pull downs, Abe vigoda, mosey, Frankenstein walk Thang: Had to improvise so we did a Tabbata workout. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds. 1 minute break and then the next exercise. bicep curlsdips on the benchchest presssuperman … More Improvised workout

IPC Prep @ Tundra

PAX: Spud, Slowzee, Pontoon-19, Dig Dug, PVC, Logger, Miranda, Khaki (Q) Warm Up: 10 IC SSH 10 IC Weedpickers Finkle Swings Shoulder Pretzels Thang: Mosey around the loop 100 Merkins OYO Mosey to other side of the park 100 Squats OYO Mosey 100 Dips OYO 100 Calf Raises OYO Mosey 50 Squats OYO Mosey back … More IPC Prep @ Tundra