Owlbear – Labor Day Block Party 9/7/20

2 pax reported to Grizzly for an evening block party. Zoolander & Kitty (q). Mid 70’s, threat of storm averted, saw the sun go down during a beatdown for a change.

Warm-o-Rama: weed pickers ICx10, Imperial Walkers ICx10, Abe Vigodas ICx10, Arm Circles ICx10 each direction, SSH ICx10.

1882 – unofficial origin of Labor Day in NYC to celebrate union workers. 18 block Merkins + 82 block curls.

1887 – Oregon 1st state to make Labor Day a legal holiday. 18 skull crushers + 87 calf raises on block.

1894 – Labor Day is made a federal holiday by Grover Cleveland. 18 block pull-thrus + 94 goblet squats/bent rows.

7 billion hot dogs eaten by Americans between memorial and Labor Day. 7 8-count man makers.

Canada recognized Labor Day 10 years before US in 1872. 10 block jump burpees.

1955 – 1st Waffle House opens in GA. 19 overhead press + 55 dips on block.

Labor Day is unofficial kickoff of NFL season. 32 teams. 32 American hammers with block.

In the 19th century Americans worked 12 hour days, 7 days a week. (19+12+7=38) 38 flutters (2 legs = 1 rep) while holding block in press.

In 1916 the Adamson Act established 8 hour workday. (19+16+8=43) 43 block presses.

160 million workers in US workforce. 160 seconds, or 2 min 40 second Zamp hold.

Labor Day is traditionally last day of summer, so…Recover Recover!

Moleskin: Zoolander and YHC agreed that a beatdown was a good way to end the holiday weekend, in an attempt to make up for poor dietary choices. What a great way to get ready for the week ahead. Prayers for family members going through unexpected health challenges. Praises for fellowship opportunities ahead of us. Happy Labor Day, and have a great week brothers!

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