Running is resting


The Pit

Q: Square
Pax: Cornwallis, Dr. Porkchop, Cosmo

F3 Core Principles

High Knees x 20
Side Straddle Hop x 20 IC
Kick w/ a Twist x 20 IC
Yoga sequence: Plank, runners pose, downward dog,

Mosey to the Parking Lot by the school + Grab a cindy block

The Thang:
1.   25 x Upright rows
2.   25 x Cindy swings
3.   25 x Shoulder press
4.   25 x Decline merkins
5.   25 x Dips
6. 1 x Lap around the soccer field
Repeato x1

Mosey to the Rocks for part 2

1.   25 x In and Out Straight Arm Shoulder Flys (with small rock each hand)
2.   4 x Single leg “Cross” Hops (8 count per) (each leg)
3.   20 x Static arm curls
4.   25 x Merkin to half angel
5. 1 x Lap around the lot

LBC’s x 20
Scissor Kicks Kicks x 20
Heal Touches x 20
Mason twists x 20

Recover Recover!

I’m getting the hang of this Q thing 🙂
Although for some reason it was hard for me to count this morning. Maybe I was still partially sleeping!
I made a casual comment during the beatdown about resting with a run around the soccer field between rounds. Cosmo didn’t think running was resting. In hindsight, I guess I agree!

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