Labor Day Convergence

Weather: 70 and crisp. Sun just rising, beautiful morning.

Pax: Logger, Maize, Beefsteak, Coyote, Pontoon19, Papa Bear, State, Khaki, Snooki, Dr. Porkchop, Brickyard, Kneehigh, Marshall, Sarge, Tulip, Cornwallis, Snaphook, Teddybear, Motorboat

Disclaimer given.

Warmup: All in cadence
Overhead clap x17
Shoulder pretzel x9
Side Straddle Hop x19
Windmill x11
Kick with twist x13

Mosey to the lower parking lot
Start with some mary:
“W” raises x5
Knee slides x1min
Butterfly Situps x10
Corkscrew x 1min
Levitation Crunch 10
Big Boi with rotation x5

Stations. split into groups of 3. Do each exercise at station for 1 min each. After 3 minutes move to the next station.
Station A with coupon: Tombstones, Overhead press, Hold straight out
Station B: Low Squats, 1.5 Squats, Jump Tucks
Station C: Tricep Merkins, Werkins, Hand Release Merkins
Station D: Bridge, Makhtar N’Diayes, Superman
Station E: Crab Cakes, Bonnie Blairs, Monkey Humpers
Station F: Mountain Climbers, Carolina Dry Docks, Plank Jacks

Indian Run to the soccer field
Teams of 5. Relay race.
Person 1: 5 Burpees
Person 2: Run to the 18 yard line, 10 HR Merkins, return
Person 3: Run to midfield, 15 jungle boi squats, return
Person 4: Run to the far 18 yard box, 20 Overhead Clap, return
Person 5: Run to the far endline, 25 LBC, return

Winners didn’t have to do it a second time (but they did).

Indian run back to the cars. Mary Round 2
All exercises done for 25 seconds and then break for 5 seconds
Figure 8s
Leg lift with hip raise and hand swipe
Freddy Mercury with full Vup
30 second break
heel press to sky
3 way seated crunch
Knees to face crunch

1 minute of angles and demons

Recover Recover
COT: We will try and do a convergence more often to help pax connect with those from the different AOs.

Moleskin: Stations were fun to allow every pax to push themselves as hard as they wanted without fear of hurting oneself prior to IPC this week. Loved watching everyone race, it really brings a nice competitive drive. Hopefully Pontoon’s ankle heals quickly. Always a pleasure men!

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