Variety Beatdown

Weather: 26 degrees, clear, calm

PAX: Khaki, Wrigley, Chirp Chirp, Dr. Porkchop, Kitty, Effin, Mater, Nomad

Warmup: SSH IC x20, weed pickers IC x10, kick with a twist IC x10, mosey to the bb court and back to lot

Thang: do an exercise, move about 30 yards down lot, do another exercise, move back to start, mosey elsewhere for another exercise, mosey back to start, repeat!

Round 1: mericans IC with hold at the bottom x10, bear crawl to end, squat jumps IC with hold at bottom x10, crab walk back, mosey to BB court for motivator from 10, mosey back

Round 2: low plank hold for 2 min, high knees to end, Carolina dry docks IC x20, butt kickers back, mosey to shelter for decline mericans IC x10, mosey back

Round 3: in-place skiers IC x30, sprint to end, mountain climbers IC x30, sprint back, mosey to shelter for dips IC x20, mosey back

Round 4: crunchy frog IC x20, broad jump to end, hand release mericans OYO x15, karaoke back, mosey to steps for calf raises IC x30, mosey back

Round 4: Bobby Hurleys OYO x10, lunge walk to end, arm circles IC x20 switch direction half way, bear crawl back

Mary: low dolly IC x50, LBCs IC x15

Recover, recover

Moleskin: what a great morning! Everyone put in some serious work…OUTSTANDING. We were able to use a few different areas of Grizzly but still didn’t get to the wall, the field, or the playground equipment. So many possibilities out there. Wrigley had the PAX participate in a very creative EH tactic…we’ll see if a shirtless Khaki is tempting enough to get him out here…serious doubts on that. T-claps to Mater who hammered out his first Grizzly beatdown! Welcome back, Effin…hope you were tasting those vacation drinks in the back of your throat 😜. Thanks for allowing me to lead and for pushing me every day!

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