Honoring the women we love that can kick our butts!

8 PAX on a 26 degree starry filled morning. Piper, Jay-Z, Slit, Stache, Shamu, CrabbyPO, Bubblicious, Daisy-QIC


  • Reach overs 10IC
  • Reach around 10IC
  • Side lunges 10IC
  • Motivator from 6
  • Finkle Swings OYO 10 each leg
    Loosen any tight spots

Mosey to Happy Place


Superhero Bermuda Triangle- Female version

Happy Place- Supergirl:

  • Squats 20
  • Knee tap reverse lunges 20
  • Punches 40
  • One armed plank jump-ins 10
  • Hot ass Lisa’s in the plank 10
  • Superman 10
  • Reverse crunches 10
  • Canoe crunches 10
  • Flutter kicks 20

Large shelter house- Batgirl:

  • Jump lunges 10
  • Punches 40
  • High knees 20
  • Squats with leg kick 10
  • Plank with leg raises 10
  • Mountain climbers 20
  • Big boys w/ cross punch 10
  • Reverse crunches 10
  • Bicycle crunches 10

Bathhouse- Captain Marvel:

  • Jump squats 10
  • Jump lunges 10
  • Heel clicks 10
  • Merkins 6
  • Diamond Merkins 4
  • Plank 20 sec
  • Plank with raised leg 20 sec each leg
  • Side plank 20 sec each side.


High knees- 20, mountain climbers 8- 4 sets

Weezy Jefferson – 10IC


Appears that there were several fartsackers this morning that were maybe intimidated by the PB of women that could kick there butts. But the 8 that showed up had a good cardio workout focusing on legs and abs. With February being a month focused on the heart and love, warm-up paid tribute to YHC high school crush Kathy Ireland with warm ups taken from her workout show. The reach across was unanimously renamed the reach around thanks to stache. The thang paid honor to popular female superheroes. We now know why they are so cut with several plank and ab exercises. Mary then finished the exercise with 4 sets of high knees and mountain climbers to engage the core. And final tribute to our favorite woman in her deluxe apartment in the sky…. Weezy. I hope all the fartsackers are rested and come out Friday to see what Gem Popeye has in store!

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