2/20/2020 – Cosmo’s Pre-TWoC Zen


Warm Up


High Knees x20 IC

Slow Merkins (Slerkins?) x10 IC 

Mosey around the parking lot to the patio

The Thang

Tibetan 5 Rites x15 each exercise

Yoga/Gumby Stretching – Bottom to Top with focus on hamstrings


23Fish with a cold wind

PAX:  State, Maize, Brickyard, Beater, Logger, Khaki, Nomad, Kindergarten Cop, Bumblebee, Optimus, Headlock, Chirp Chirp, Zamboni (AKA Shakra), Snaphook, Dr. Pork Chop, Beefsteak, Motorboat, Cosmo (Q)

18 Pax posted for a very chilly Yoga/Gumby beatdown to get ready for the TWoC.  Most Pax were concerned that Cornwallis was absent due to illness (get better soon), Q thinks they were more nervous due to the extra rest he was getting prepping for next week.

Mumblechatter was suitable, starting with Brickyard and slow merkins, but quickly moved to grunts and snorts as we progressed through the Tibetan rights.  Stretching went well as Pax continued practicing ‘tightening their cores and breathing’ which pleased the Q immensely.  Zamboni seemed fascinated with shakras today, hence the attempt at the rename at Name o’ Rama….whatever.

Q was impressed with the increasing flexibility and the effort put forth.  Quote of the day is from Snaphook….”I’ve never done anything like that….and it was hard to do in a different way…”. Almost makes a Q tear up.

In all seriousness, NICE WORK today men…always good to take a break (?) and do something to strengthen our bodies in a different but important way.

Keep up the good work and keep passing it along.

Always a privilege!


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