Bermuda Triangle expands- legs unhappy

52 degrees, cloudy skies, dewy grass…. Fall is settling in and 5 PAX came out to enjoy the beatdown in the gloom; Piper, Boucher, Bubblicious, Stache, Daisy-QIC


  • Shoulder pretzels- 20IC
  • Sprinklers with legs- 15IC
  • Batwing
  • Grass pickers- 15IC
  • Stretch tightness in legs OYO

Thang- Expanded Bermuda Triangle Laps

Three points of the expanded triangle- “Happy Place,” stop sign at bottom of hill, bottom of stairs exercises at each point:

  • Happy place- 10 Dirty Hook-ups, 5 pull-ups, 5 hanging crunches
  • Stop sign- 10 Merkins, 10 alternating shoulder taps, 10 mt. Climbers
  • Stairs- 10 decline Merkins, 10 overhead presses, near crawl up stairs.
  • Rinse and repeat until time


  • 60 second of Hillbilly walkers
  • 60 second of Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Wheezy Jefferson’s OYO
  • 20 Flutter Kicks OYO



Great morning for a workout! Or at least 4 of the PAX thought so….. after starting to stretch, the repercussions from Monday’s sprints reared their sore and tight head! We did our best to work the muscles out before conquering the expanded version of the Bermuda Triangle. Early on the group moved United, but is wasn’t long before Stache left the other PAX in his dust. Which brought to question, was Stache able to move so much more quickly because he wasn’t in appearance on Monday? And if he would have been their Monday- would he have been able to give Sliot a run for his money. Speaking of Sliot- was he hurting so much that he fartsacked this morning- or was he still reveling in his victories??? Even more so- where was our fearless leader on Monday- Wapner. With a great effort on Monday, did he overdo and his legs gave out as he got out of bed this morning? A possible wellness check may be in order. (Piper up 6). All in all a strong showing from the PAX. Who knew even flutter kicks could hurt like that. Hoping this beatdown helped us recover for CrabbyPO on Friday!

Prayers for all that are dealing with sickness, COVID and other hardships right now. See you all on Friday!!!!

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