Dirty Bakers Dozen

Weather 71, clear, light breeze


Crabby PO







Wapner QIC


Abe Vigodas IC x10

Grass pickers IC x15

Hillbilly walkers IC x20

Tempo squats IC x10

Side squats IC x10

Sit & reach, cross overs, butterflies, runner calf stretches


Indian run around CAP to Bob Sanders

Sprints to end of fence (about 100 yards) and walk back for Mary exercises:


Boxcutters IC x15

Captain Thor 1:4 -> 5:20

E2Ks x10 each direction

Flutter kicks IC x20

Freddie Mercurys IC x15

Gas pumps IC x15


LBCs IC x20

Outlaws IC x15

Pickle pointers IC x15

Rosalitas IC x15

Slowsey to barn

Wall sit x 1 minute





Preblast promising a return of the Dirty Dozen may have induced fear and insomnia, as some regulars could not defeat the fartsack. Still 8 proud and strong PAX emerged to face their fate and start off the week the right way.

Not long into the sprints it became clear that holding back the Merlot splash would be a challenge and defeating Sliot would be even a greater challenge. With every turn down the Bob Sanders straightaway, he looked more and more like the second coming of Usain Bolt. Several PAX took their turn but none could overcome, and Sliot emerged undefeated. Even when there was extra time to turn the sprints into a baker’s dozen, it wasn’t enough to slow him down. There was speculation among the group that maybe Stache or a shirtless Ariel would come out from behind the bushes and deliver them from their shame, but it wasn’t to be.

Enough Mary throughout the workout did not require a 6 minutes of Mary at the end. Upon returning to the tip, there was extended discussion of why certain farmer PAX couldn’t manage to post after a day of running the grain cart while their dads ran the combine. We’ll have to find that out next time they’re able to post. Good work and let’s make Wednesday a DDM!

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