The Depot – Disc Golf Workout!

If you throw it, they will come.

09/04/2021 – Asa Bales Park (North Side)

7 PAX – Quaffel, Tulip, Hansen, Khaki, Waldo, Morpheus and Wilson (Q)

The Thang:

What a beautiful morning to play around a golf disc adult that is.

Morning started out with a nice introduction and warm up session:

  1. 10 SSH IC
  2. 10 Weed Pickers IC
  3. 10 Second Tulip (10 Seconds Achilles Stretch)

The group moseyed over to the first tee box and started our exercise slash game. It became quickly apparent that this would be a showdown between Hanson, Khaki and Tulip.

  1. Tulip was a semi-pro discer in the early eighties and had a plethora of throwing styles
  2. Hanson with his hockey Slapshot® had a mean throwing power
  3. Khaki was strong as CAPTAIN AMERICA (blush) with Quaffel giving him heroic powers and a slightly larger hat size. 😊

The group enjoyed great mumble chatter mostly while traversing the bridges bear crawling. Waldo said he never imaged life could be so amazing as to role out of bed and see nature like a wild animal!

Morpheus provided a keen eye for the passer bys and put the moves on a geriatric walker by explaining why a group of grown men were laying in wet grass fluttering their legs in the air!!

  1. 10 Merkins (IC)
  2. 10 WW1 Situps (OYO)
  3. 10 Seal Jacks (IC)
  4. 10 Low Dolly (IC)
  5. 10 Burpees (OYO)
  6. 10 Squats (IC)
  7. 10 Abe Vegodas (IC)
  8. 20 Mountain Climbers (OYO)
  9. 15 Flutter Kicks (IC)
  10. 10 Wide Grip Merkins (IC)
  11. 10 WW1 Situps (OYO)
  12. 10 Smurf Jacks (IC)
  13. 10 High Dolly (IC)

Had a great time with this great group of me and my 2.0! Hope to make this a monthly event (especially when the snow hits!!)


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