Kyger Street Cathouse: Labor Day Edition


11 Pax posted on this cool and collected Labor Day morning.

Maestro, Gas Man, Piper, Stache, Sliot, Wapner, Pew Pew, Daisy, Jay-Z, Crabby PO, Boucher (QIC)

Warm UP:

Maestro CAP Lap

Grass picker- 15

Bat Wing plus thumbs up and day IC -15

Moroccan Night club- 10

Nipple Tweakers- 10

Willie Mayes Hayes

Mosey to Tennis Courts


 Double 4 corners- 9 times across Kyger Street representing our BlackCat 9 lives. Pax started at one corner of tennis court and performed 1 exercise then ran across Kyger Street, bear walk up first set of steps, and back down the 2nd set of steps.  Pax perform same exercise as station 1 of tennis court then bear walk back up stairs and down the other heading back to tennis courts.  Report to station 1 again to perform set exercise, then to station 2 to complete 2nd exercise.  Run back to steps to go through 1st and 2nd station exercises.  Continued on until all 4 corners are complete at both locations so that on the last corner you will go through all 4 stations of workouts.   Once completion of 4th station at the stairs you will run across Kyger Street for the 8th time back to tennis courts. The mosey back to bottom of stairs will be the 9th time across the street representing your 9th pussy cat life.

Station 1: 9 Burpees (72 total)

Station 2: 9 No surrenders “serenity now!” (54 total)

Station 3: 9 Downward dog merkins (36 total)

Station 4: 9 Jump Squats (18 total)


Pickle Pounders ROF x 10

Monkey Humper OYO x 10

Gorilla Humpers OYO x 10


QIC was rather pleased by the turnout on a Monday especially a holiday. QIC was not pleased about the lack of excitement among PAX for the extended batwing or the March level of Burpees. The group kept extra special watch over Stache on his return voyage following his stint with the new age scurvy but the sailor seemed to only have lost an 8th of a step in normal pace. The PAX agreed that the QIC’s winky being filled with bats, bears, and cats was a rather appropriate way to celebrate the holiday. Many prayer concerns from PAX regarding friends and family that are being effected by the virus gave the group a focus to their communication with the good Lord.

Following a celebratory cookout the prior day at Wapner’s casa the PAX decided to extent the fiesta into a post beat down coffeeteria. The PAX gave cheers to the QIC on a exception workout and also shared knowledge on a wide array of topics from proper fishing, farming, and golfing techniques, to animal castration, even tips on consuming sausage through a straw. All in a days work for the BlackCat crew.


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