7/22/21 ALARM

3 pax at The Vet.  Nomad, Snaphook, Kitty.  High 60’s, beautiful morning…as one would expect in Carmel’s high rent district.  Disclaimer & 5 core principles.  

Warmo – Abe Vigodas x10IC, arm pretzels x10IC, hold al gore, Nancy Kerrigans x10IC each way/leg, hill Billy’s x10IC.  

Thang – ALARMs (Arms, Legs, Abs, Run, Mary).

Round 1 – (20 reps ea) – Carolina dry dock, Bobby Hurley, bay city scissors (IC), mosey to jazz statues, j lo’s, 10-count snooze…

Round 2 – (40 reps ea) – H/R merks, squats, Freddy mercury’s, mosey to barber shop patio, big boi’s, 10-count snooze…

Round 3 – (60 reps ea) – dips, Lt Dan (1 Lt Dan = 3 reps), pickle pounders, mosey to plaza on E side of palladium, lbc’s, 10-Clint snooze…

Round 4 – (80 reps ea) – air press, twinkle toes, Mtn Climbers, mosey to plaza on S side of palladium, gas pumps, 10-count snooze…

Round 5 – (100 reps ea) – o/h clap, calf raises on steps, Flutters, mosey to flag, 100 second(ish) C Sit hold.

Recover Recover!

Moleskin – great morning at the Vet with Snap & Nomad.  Nomad and YHC still sore from Tuesday’s modified murph.  Slider had to opt out this morning…the free parking, free sunscreen, free soda at Holiday World was just too much to resist.  Snap attempted to throw off the Q by declaring “halt” half way through the bay city scissors…cooler heads prevailed and we pressed on through the full set. Not much chatter today…kept a good pace to fit all 5 rounds in and lots of counting of reps.  Snap’s 2.0’s showing animals at the fair this week so be on the lookout for 2nd F event complete with grilled lamb chops and bacon, right snap?  Did have a few teens ride by on bikes and encourage us to “make them games”.  They clearly had us confused with Olympic athletes getting in last minute training for Tokyo…honest mistake.  Snap also let us know he practiced some pickle pounders last night – always thinking ahead.  Happy 60th to Headlock!!  Thanks for being a leader and inspiration to us all.  Prayers for growth in parenting and those going through career changes.  Prayed for Charles Fremion, US Coast Guard.  If you’ve read this, hit that salute emoji in his honor.  Aye!

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