Grizzly block party 11/30/20

6 pax reported to Grizzly for a Monday morning block party. Wrigley, Zamboni, Spaceballs, Chirp Chirp, Cosmo, Kitty (q). 35 degrees, rainy, cold (refer to 3rd Core Principle). Disclaimer given. 5 core principles.

Warm-up: windmill ICx15, Al Gore + arm circles ICx10 each direction, weed pickers ICx10, SSH ICx20. Carry block to shelter.

Thang: 1000 rep challenge. 4 rounds of 10 exercises – 25 reps per exercise. Mary built in.

⁃ Block curls

⁃ Goblet squats

⁃ Overhead press

⁃ Block pull thrus

⁃ Bent rows

⁃ Calf raises on block

⁃ KB swings

⁃ Merks (Rd1 incline, Rd2 left hand on ground/right on block, Rd3 right hand on ground/left on block, Rd4 decline)

⁃ Chest press

– American hammers (2 sides=1) Rd1 & Rd4. Rd2 flutter kicks holding block ICx25, Rd3 block LBCs

Pax pushed hard today to complete all 4 rounds and 1000 reps total just in time for the 6:15 recover recover. Some chatter between rounds but mostly a lot of counting. Welcomed Spaceballs to Grizzly (transplant from F3 Houston) – looking forward to having him join us regularly. As a sign of welcome and hospitality, Cosmo introduced himself at least 3 times (respect). New AO starting tomorrow downtown Carmel 0530 led by Clancy. Look for some upcoming VQs. Flag building event Wed 7p at Wrigleys. Prayers for Comso’s M’s health and praises for her negative Covid test! Prayers for Zamboni on his path to his new career. Thankful for this group of men who fight the gloom and rain to get out and push each other to be stronger. Aye!

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