Fonda Jane, searching for the wood… blocks

11 Pax posted on this cool and moist 36 degree morning. Slit, Stache, Cubby Blue, Maestro, Jay-Z, Wapner, Crabby PO, Daisy, Pew Pew, Bubblicious, Piper (QIC)

Warm up: Maestro lap, arm stretch OYO, leg stretch OYO, Sprinkler IC x 15, Grass Picker IC x 15, Motivator from 10.

Thang: Hunt for the wood. 7 wood blocks, each with a different exercise. Pax split of into two teams, Bravo and Charlie. Goal, first team with 4 wooden blocks retrieved wins. Each team will Indian run while searching for a wooden block, once block is found team will return to happy place to complete exercise given on the block. After completing block exercise one round of Bruce Lee will be completed. After the round of Bruce Lee, team will then complete the exercise on the block of their opponent. Each block exercise will be completed by doing 29 reps of each exercise.

Pull ups x 29

Box Jump x 29

Dips and SSH’s x 29

Ring of Fire (Hold plank while completing 29 pickle pounders)

Squats x 29

Merkins x 29

Burpees x 29

Bruce Lee ( 20 Hammer, 20 Leg raise, 20 LBC’s, 20 Heal touch, 20 Crunchy Frog, and 100’s)

Mary: Completion of Bruce Lee

Moleskin: Q was given some flack for being a little late this morning. To Q’s defense it took more time than anticipated to lay out the wooden blocks on the trail. Good thing Jay-z’s Mom is only 29, because any more than 29 burpees would have been difficult. Bubblicious was so excited about her 29th birthday, he was doing 29 reps for each Bruce Lee exercise. Team Bravo was the victor in this challenge.


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