Climb the Hill!

7 PAX posted this morning.  Weather was great!


  • Gasman
  • Pew Pew
  • Daisy
  • Boucher
  • Bubblicious
  • Piper
  • CrabbyPO (QIC)

Warm up:

Arm & Leg Stretching

Shoulder Pretzels                      IC x 20

Grass Pickers                          IC x 20

Abe Vigoda’s                           IC x 10

Slow Count Squats                   IC x 20

Mosey to the hill on the far side of the park.



C = Crab Cakes

L = Lunges

I = Iron Cross

M = Mountain Climbers

B = Burpee

PAX completed 5 rotations:

  • Round 1= 1 Crab Cake, 2 Lunges, 3 Iron Cross, 4 Mountain Climbers, and 5 Burpees.
  • Round 2= 2 Crab Cake, 4 Lunges, 6 Iron Cross, 8 Mountain Climbers, and 10 Burpees.
  • Round 3= 3 Crab Cake, 6 Lunges, 9 Iron Cross, 12 Mountain Climbers, and 15 Burpees.
  • Round 4= 4 Crab Cake, 8 Lunges, 12 Iron Cross, 16 Mountain Climbers, and 20 Burpees.
  • Round 5= 5 Crab Cake, 10 Lunges, 15 Iron Cross, 20 Mountain Climbers, and 25 Burpees.

After each round PAX ran up the hill and back to the starting point.

Mosey to the Happy Place.  Pax went “all you got / sprint” for the last 100 so yards.

ATM: Alternating Shoulder Taps IC x15, Tempo Merkins IC x 10, Merkins OYO x 10.

Mosey to front of pool for Mary.


  • Absolution OYO x 10
  • Flutter Kicks IC x 25
  • Boat / Canoe
  • LBC IC x 25
  • Boat / Canoe
  • Hillbilly Walker’s to the Flag
  • Leg Blaster x 1


YHC was the substitute Q this morning, filling in for Jay – Z who has been busy at the farm this week.  We welcomed two Kotter’s back this morning, Pew-Pew and Gasman.  Welcome back fellas glad you joined us.  YHC took the Pax on a mosey along Bill Waddell Drive past the “Shelter Folk”, who appeared to stop and gawk at the majestic presence of  F3 thundering by (well they could of been just standing there, who knows).  YHC grabbed an old winkie for this mornings workout and it proved to not be a soft one.  Started off easy with some Crab Cakes and finished the burn with some burpees.  Not a whole lot of chatter as the PAX powered through this one.  Good work by all.

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