6/2/2020 Pit Beatdown

Weather: 60 and calm. Perfect weather according to some PAX, but Cornwallis wanted it to be colder.

5 PAX posted at the Pit: Cougar, Cornwallis, Groupie, Square, and Dr. Porkchop – Q

Disclaimer given

Warm up: SSH, Swimmer Arm Swings, Slow Squats, Walking Hamstring/Quad stretches, Leg Swings

The Thang:

Mosey to the stairs

1 Decline merkin at the bottom, run up the stairs, 1 double count lunge, then 2 and 2 and so on until 10 of each

Mosey to parking spaces

Rotating squats to 5 spaces, then 50 overhead claps, jog back. Squats to 4 spaces, 40 claps. Then 3 spaces/30 claps, 2/20, 1/10

Mosey to wall

Dips, Wide incline merkins, close incline merkins – 2 of each, then 15 Rocky Balboas on the curb, then 4 of each, 15 RB’s, 6 each, 8, 10

Mosey to Rocks

Motivator from 7

Curls/Bent over rows with rocks, 2 of each, then 4/6/8/10

Mary: Captain Americas 1 to 10

Moleskin: First Q at the Pit and I really enjoyed it! Excited to keep getting to know everyone and see the AO grow!

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