Gonna Make You SWEAT!

17 men posted. Jay -Z, Shamu, Popeye, Maestro, Tiptoe, Nick (FNG), Ghost, Pew-Pew, Daisy, Piper, CrabbyPo, Wapner, Phanatic, Sparkle, Stash, Tbone(er), Oompa Loompa (QIC)

Marroccan Night Clubs in Cadence

Abe Vagodas in Cadence

Al Gore for 30 seconds, sandstorm for 30 seconds, rinse and repeat 3 times.

Hot ass Lisa’s in Cadence

Willy Maze Haze

Mosey to Happy Place

Gonna make you sweat, everytime they say everybody dance now is a burpee otherwise Run in place

Mosey to Stairs

No Diggity , run up and down the stairs, at the top do 5 merkins. at the bottom do 5 burpees, add 5 to each set as you go

Mosey to Tennis Court

How ever many letters you have in your first and last name is how many burpees you do times 2.

Mosey to Monkey bars

One group stands under the monkey bars and does a burpee and then comes up and does a pull up on the monkey bars. Other group holds a plank until other group is done.

Dirty Hookup in Cadence

Jump Squat ring of fire

Mosey to flag


Pickle pounders in Cadence

Pickle pointers in Cadence

Crunchy Frogs in Cadence

Plank until 6:15


Lots of mumble about all of the burpees done today. Very happy to have been able to Q one last time before school starts. Thanks for everyone for coming and Tieing for the most posted people so far! 17 men is unbelieveable, very happy to do what I love with my dad and then other men surrounding me. So much fun. Hope everyone has a great rest of their year!

– Oompa Loompa (QIC)

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