Back to School with F3 Dads

24 PAX posted on a clear, 60 degree morning for a F3 Dad’s Back to School workout.

Logger, Marshall, Little Biscuit (7), Motorboat, Elsa (4), Round-off (9), Maximus (6), DC, Curly (11), Blue (7), Pikachu (7), Knee High, Rey (13 FNG), Puzzler (10 FNG), Snooki, Picasso (8 FNG), State, Hiney (5), Kindergarten Cop, Aurora (4 FNG), Neutron (6 FNG), Trax (7), Raptor (5), Nomad

Warm up (all in cadence): SSH x 10, weed pickers x 10, arm circles w/ overhead clap x 10, imperial walkers x 10


Mosey to 1st parking lot, “floor is lava” (dad’s carry kids from one end to the other), kids do SSH while waiting, sit-ups at the other end. Repeat back to other end.

Mosey to 2nd parking lot, “sit at your desk” (hold in squat position); dad’s sat while kids ran to end of lot and back, kids held while dad’s ran to end and back, dads held one more time.

Mosey to grass, “fire drill” (dads held high plank in a line while kids crawled through the tunnel and then kids sprint up the hill and back

Dads “bear crawl with cub” on back up the hill (kids SSH while waiting at the top and bottom)

Mosey to driveway, kids took turns rolling the large die for number of reps (all in cadence): squats, merkins, SSH, curls (holding your kid), squats, merkins

Mosey to bottom of driveway hill for “do your homework,” dads sprint to top of the hill while kids do SSH at the bottom, kids sprint to top once dad’s finished. Slowsy back down hill for repeat.

Mosey to parking lot, kids rolled large die for dips on curb (in cadence) x 2

Mosey back to start for Mary: spell your name with your toes in the air (on your back)

Recover, recover.

Moleskin: Awesome weather…everyone seemed to have a great time. A little mumble chatter from kids about the grass being wet during the fire drill but everyone survived. We managed to work out all the way around the campus and back to start for a good, pearls-on-a-string workout. Was pretty cool to see so many kids out there this morning with their dads. Snooki and K.C. brought their crew for their first F3 Dads workout (welcome Rey, Puzzler, Picasso, Aurora, and Neutron). Great time had by all and great fellowship afterward for coffee and breakfast at the park.

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