11/25/2017 Calahan Visiting Q


Warm up

Side Straddle Hops


Toe Touches


Mountain Climbers


Blimps on the BB Court

5 Burpees

10 Lunges

15 Imperial Walkers

20 Merkins

25 Pushup Jacks

30 Squats

Run the court between each and add to spell Blimps

Lazy Dora on the BB Court

Combined Partner workout

100 Merkins

200 Squats

300 LBC

1 partner works, 1 partner holds in plank (merkins), Squat hold (squats), 6” hold (LBCs)

Running Dora

Combined Partner workout

100 Diver Downs

200 Squats

300 LBC

1 Partner works, 1 partner runs backwards down and length, forward back

Mosey to Playground

10 Australian Pull ups

10 Dips

10 leg ups

10 Australian Pull ups

10 Dips

10 Box Jumps

Mosey to the BB Court


Indian Run back to the cars


47 F (ish) Calm (kind of balmy…)

PAX:  Brickyard, Calahan (visiting Q), DC, Darius, Cosmo

4 Brothers posted in the Gloom to enjoy Calahan’s visiting Q.  Pretty tough, but fun Q that pushed some limits, especially following Thanksgiving and leftovers.  Based on the mumble chatter BLIMPS and DORAs were a blast (adding these to the line up) and always enjoy suicides to finish up.  All got there money’s worth and got a bit further on working off the extra calories.

Fun every time…always a privilege.

Cosmo (for Calahan’s Q)

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