Ciabatta Tabata at the Hill

Weather was 44 on this Tuesday morning. 3 Men posted at the Hill to start the week of right with a little leftover Ciabatta to burn off that remaining Thanksgiving food.


  • Bend & Reach – IC 10x
  • Lunges, Alternating Legs – IC 10x
  • Abe Bagoda – IC 10x
  • Arm & Leg Stretches
  • Mericans – IC 10x

Circle up at Basketball Court


4 Sections with 2 Exercises each.
45 second workout followed by 15 second rest between
Rinse and Repeat up to 3 times for each section.

  • First Section
    • Burpies
    • Jumping Jacks
  • Second Section
    • ‘Mericans
    • Lundge Jumps
  • Third Section
    • Bicycle
    • Air Squats
  • Fourth Section
    • Wide ‘Mericans
    • Little Baby Crunches

Mosey to start location


American Hammers – IC x20
Low Plank – Hold 1minute
Flutter Kicks – IC 20x
Cool Down Streatching


The focus was on the low reps / high intensity that may get overlooked when we focus on duration.  Great start with some cardio to get the heart pumping. Looking to keep that intensity up with the Ciabatta focus. The goal was to have each PAX push their own limit during each duration with the hope that muscle failure would help push us past our comfort level. Was great to be back at Q after being out for a few days due to sickness!

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