Oh Ruck-it

2 men posted and decided that rather than just stretch the whole workout to recover from Cosmo’s Q Thursday they would “just ruck it”. Along the way they found some toys to “play with”. Moleskin: The two Rucker’s return to find lost boy also known as PVC wandering the parking lot looking for them. Fortunately since … More Oh Ruck-it


8 men posted in the gloom for a ruck and to spend a lot of time under tension. Coming off a long break from F3 (thanks to the addition of our baby Caroline, as well as Spartan training and recovery), I was excited to jump right into things from the beginning of the workout. Disclaimer … More Contractions

Disc Golf beatdown

7/21/18 3 rucktards posted for a 3.1 mile standard ruck before the workout. Zamboni, Marshall and YHC 9 Pax for a fun game of disc golf. Q: Cornwallis Pax: Zamboni, Maestro, Cosmo, Ringo, Samsonite, IM, Marshall and welcome FNG Aaron who will now be known as Pillows! Here is how it went to the best … More Disc Golf beatdown

4/21/2018 “I’m Back” the Cosmo Story Workout

The Thang Warm up SSH Windmills Shoulder Pretzels Arm Circles Mosey to the back lot Jump Squat Holds (from 10) Toe Raises (3 positions) Overhead Claps (50) Cherry Pickers (50) Curb Plank Walk Mosey to the Circle Garden Circle Merkins (to 10) Wall Sits Mosey to the playground Pull up Practice (top position, then lower … More 4/21/2018 “I’m Back” the Cosmo Story Workout

Easter Egg Hunt

10 PAX rolled out of the fartsack (4 for the ruck) and met at 0700 for a good old fashioned egg hunt. After the disclaimer, here’s what we did: Warm Up (IC): 10 Burpees 15 Mountain Climbers 10 Windmills 15 Heisman Rules of the egg hunt: 1. Go to the area I tell you 2. … More Easter Egg Hunt