The return of Combine

Weather 57, partly cloudy, and perfect.

Pax- Combine, FNG Clint, Slider, Headlock, Butterfly, Biscuit & Snaphook.

Disclaimer and Core’s announced. WarmO included- Toy Soldiers, Seal Jacks, Hillbilly Walkers, Nancy Kerrigans, FNG rolled in hot, Mosey to the musicians and Weed Pickers.

Thang. Dora’s and Mary and More Dora’s.

  • 100 Merkins
  • 200 BBSU
  • 300 200 Prisoner Squats
  • P1 does exercise while P2 runs from designated spot to handrails at palladium and back. flapjack
  • 30 seconds or 10-15 IC of each
  • Peter Parkers
  • Reverse Crunch
  • X’s&O’s
  • Freddy’s
  • Low Dolly
  • Rosalitas
  • Pickle Pounder (audible replacement as Combine was posting, and so it’s a tradition)
  • Pickle Pointers (happy anniversary to Pickles)
  • Dora #2. New partner. adjusted starting point and added up/down palladium stairs to the run
  • 100 Hand Release Merkins
  • 100 American Hammers
  • 100 Monkey Humpers
  • Dora #3, same partner, same run w stairs.
  • 100 Alt Shoulder Taps
  • 100 LBC’s
  • 100 SSH

Mosey and stretch/recover recover.

Moleskine: Nice turnout at the Vet and a surprise and welcomed visit from Combine DR from F3 Evanston. He EH’d FNG Clint, and Clint was welcomed by all w a bonus drive by heckling from Clancy who is still on the IR w a swole calf. YHC offered up some burpees to Clancy, unfortunately an emergency call came in from dispatch and he had to go. YHC had a few audibles as apparently this one must of been done by bat flippers w an hour beatdown. twas supposed to have 100/200/300 at all Dora’s and two Mary’s. Great chatter echoed around the AO led by Slider, Butterfly, Biscuit & Headlock. COT- Prayers for Clint’s family- Uncle recently passed and Aunt in Hospital, Combine picked a brick- Plefgler family, Wrigley’s family, and all injured Pax. Announcements. CSAUP/Convergence/Shovel building night at Swan’s. Join us tonight for Service opportunity at 104th & McPherson St. see 3rd F for details. Love you all- Snaphook


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