Interval Running at the Vet

BackBlast: Interval RunDate: 11/08/2021AO: The VetPAX: @Kindergarten Cop, @Proximity, @Snaphook @Biscuit @Slider @Waldo @CheeseBall @Pickles @Wilson @OdysseyFNGs: None 0Q: @MotorBoatTotal: 11 Warm UpTempo Squats – 10Start WalkingArm CirclesHigh KneesButt KickersMoseyBurpees – 5 Thang–Mosey North on the Monon. 1 minute fast, 1 minute slow.Partner up at the parking garage. ~40 yard dash in 2 groups. rest while the other group is sprinting. repeato x8.Head … More Interval Running at the Vet

Interval Run

Weather:             MUGGY and drizzly Pax:                       Wilson, Pontoon 19, Clancy, Snaphook, Cheeseball, Biscuit (Q) Recited F3 Five Core Principles THANG / Moleskin: Started off by having PAX mosey and you would’ve thought YHC had broken all protocol.  Just trying to get to the parking garage to warm up under cover.  15 – SSH IC 10 – … More Interval Run

9/14 – The Vet

The Vet – 9/14/2021 Weather: 70 degrees Pax: Sub Zero, Slider, Clancy, GTL (Q) Welcome, 5 Core Principles Warm: Weed Pickers, Abe Vigoda, Kick with a Twist Thang: Mosey across the street 21’s (20 of 1 exercise, 1 of the other, 19 and 2, you get the point) Round 1 – Calf Raises and Shoulder … More 9/14 – The Vet

The Vet IPC Week #1

Weather; 65. PAX: Slider, Waldo and Snaphook. Disclaimers and Core’s announced. Warm: Weed Pickers, Windmills, Imperial Walkers, and SSH Thang. 3 rounds. 800 M run, murder bunny 25 yds. 10 shoulder tap merkins. reverse murder bunny 25 yds. 20 blockees with a thruster. murder bunny 25 yds, 10 shoulder tap merkins. reverse murder bunny 25 … More The Vet IPC Week #1

Interval Run/Mini-Convergence

Weather:             Swampy Pax:                       Head Lock, Wilson, Pontoon 19, Klinger, Waldo, Odyssey, Sarge, Biscuit (Q) F3 Five Core Principles and disclaimers.  Always outside Open to all men Free Peer Led Ends in Circle of Trust (COT) WARM UP:          10           Weedpickers – IC 10           Imperial Walkers – IC Rubber band stretch THANG and Moleskin: Interval ran out … More Interval Run/Mini-Convergence