IPC week 3 – Grizzly 9/18/20

9 pax appeared in the gloom to tackle IPC week 3. 51 degrees, cool with the smell of anti-mosquito fogged in the air. Cosmo, Wrigley, Pappy, Coyote, DC, Pontoon-19, Jackie Moon, Zamboni, Kitty.

Warm-up: weed pickers ICx10, imperial walkers ICx10, kick with twist ICx10. Slowsy to start. Group 2 did a variety of stretching as they smirked at the thought of catching up to Group 1.

(Keep it Simple Stupid)

Set Up:
You need 400m measured that starts and ends at same spot.    
All work will be performed at that spot.

Total time to complete the workout below.  

The time begins with the start of the first 400m run and ends at the conclusion of the 800m run.  (See *** below)  



Run 400m
100 merkins
Run 400m
90 squats
Run 400m
80 merkins
Run 400m
70 squats
Run 400m
60 merkins
Run 400m
50 squats
Run 400m
40 merkins
Run 400m
30 squats
Run 400m
20 merkins
Run 400m
10 squats
***Run 800m***

Moleskin: So…hard…to…type…arms…smoked. Well, go ahead and cancel any weekend activities that involved use of arms (insert joke here). Grizzly had 2 start times this morning, since most of us are in the slowsy/Clydesdale/Shetland (Clydesdale candidate that doesn’t meet height requirement) category. Jackie Moon & Zamboni started at normal time, and as expected still finished about the same time the rest of us did. Coyote’s excitement for a running challenge was palpable, as was the mosquito fogger being applied to the playground as we ran past it. I’m sure it’s safe for consumption. A little more chatter this week than past IPC challenges – tons of encouragement between pax, pushing each other to get through it. Prayers for families grieving with loss and praises for Commodore’s new 2.0. Reminder that as life ends, new life begins. Praises for those recovering from surgery. Continue to go out and be men of impact in our homes, work and communities. Great work today, men! Aye!

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