Post holiday block workout

2 PAX beat the fartsack after a long holiday weekend to get the train back on the tracks. Disclaimer was given and we jumped right in. Thanks Zamboni for putting this together.

Warm up:

Arm circles ICx10 each direction


Toy Soldier ICx15


The Thang:

P1 Zamperini multiple spaces in parking lot

P2 Exercise

50 cumulative reps of each:


Goblet side lunge

One hand on block Merkins

One leg on block lunges

Chest Press

Goblet squats

Burpee jump over blocks (modified to 30)

Calf raises

Squat thrusters

Block Merkins


Skull Crushers


Mary: ran out of time

Moleskin: great morning to be out there with Zoolander working off a long weekend of poor diet choices. Kona Ice truck gave some good motivation to keep pushing. Didn’t have time for Mary but put in some good work today. Prayers for families grieving loss of loved ones, for friends advocating for substance abuse recovery and for Zamboni getting well soon. Have a great week, brothers! AYE!

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