Zionsville AO Launch

6-15-2020 @Zville

52 deg, perfect

0516 plant the flag with 3 pax already on site.

0530 give the disclaimer and go


SSH IC -10 (YHC relearned counting in cadence)

Weed pickers IC -10

Abe Vagodas IC -20

Imperial Storm Troupers -15


Bear Crawl to the curb

Rocky Balboas IC – 20

Mike Tysons IC – 15

Floyd Mayweather- IC – 20

Mosey to the bottom lot circle up

Perfect Merkins IC – 10

Crab cakes IC – 34

Do some side shuffle parking lot lines down and back (confusing only to the Q)

Descending merkins from 7 at the bottom with 1 token burpee at the top

Dora 1-2-3 burpee’s (cumulative 100) at the top and 10 fairy flies at the bottom.

Bear Crawl or crab walk your choice to light post and circle up.

Crab cakes IC – 30 more. (Symbolic  if you posted back at the Swamp)

Mosey toward the Circle

Drop and bear crawl up the “hill”

Continue the mosey.

MARY exactly 6 min!

Big boy sit ups IC – 10

LBC’s IC – 10

Did I miss one?

Bay City Scissors IC – 10



YHC after queuing more times than I could even imagine woke up with butterflies in his stomach and ran a workout like it was his first time. I am so thankful to all the guys who posted a special shout out to our one FNG Mike Scheetz. Says it’s on his schedule, he plans to return. It was great to have a couple of different kotter’s back, DC back from a brutal work schedule and battling stomach problems,  Quack has so far survived the covid-19 and thank you for what you do in the medical community, and back from hibernation THE Woolly Dutchman! YHC brought up the lack of love in our nation and offered anyone that would like to sit down and discuss how they’re feeling about it or what they think we could do about it. Please let me know if you have any interest. What a great launch to our latest AO selfishly 5 minutes from my home. But gentlemen that’s the goal is to have more than one workout available to you within 5 to 10 minutes from your house please keep EH’ing anyone you can, congratulations F3 Indianapolis

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