TwoC Bear Crawl madness


27 degrees and snowing

Q: Chirp Chirp/Cornwallis
Pax: FnG (Teddy Bear), Tulip, Clubber, Headlock, Logger, Beater, KC, Chirp Chirp, Rock Baby, Snaphook


SSH x 17 IC
Weedpicker x 17 IC

Thang: Bear Crawl 1 mile (0.85)

Optional: If you cannot bear crawl anymore, you may lunge walk. If you cannot bear crawl at all you may lunge walk.

Recover Recover!

-I had no idea how long this would take or if it could even be done. Turns out it can be done and it takes longer than 40 minutes to complete.
-We bear crawled as much as we could and lunged the rest! Kudos to Logger, Headlock and Beater for pushing us harder!
-Many of us didn’t even think we could start bear crawling this morning since our arms hurt still from yesterday’s Diddy, but t-claps for coming back out and doing something completely stupid.
-You guys who will get your patch tomorrow, I hope you feel like you have earned it.
-Tomorrow is the last day of TWoC 2020. We will have a mission to complete with a time hack.

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