TWoC 6- Heli Mission


The Hill

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Wooly Dutchman, Marshall, Quick, Khaki, Maize, PVC, Wrigley, Chirp Chirp, Splaturksi, Snooki, Bumblebee, Nomad, Teddy Bear, Knee-high, Headlock

TL- Chirp Chirp
ATL- Nomad

Coupons: 50# weight, 40 # sandbag, 20# ruck plate, rope

Front Leaning Rest while we waited on the TL to get his stuff together.

Rucks overhead while I debriefed TL and ATL on the mission: Our helicopter to get us out of TWoC was dismantled last night by some Carmel teenagers. They scattered the parts all over, but luckily our scouts located the parts via satellite and sent us the image below. Yellow marks are for heli parts. Red “X” is the exfil. Collect all of the parts, carrying the coupons, and never put anything down because they are fragile. The team is to stay together the entire time and if it gets spread out there will be punishment and/or casualties. Get back to the exfil and assemble the helicopter. You have 50 minutes.

Move out. IMG_2290

1st stop Badger Fields: 2 cinderblocks and 1 long pipe
2nd stop Carmel Dads parking lot: 2 cinderblocks and 1 short pipe
3rd stop Northview campus SW most bench: 2-2x6x10’s
4th stop Cross in the woods: Ammo can with weight
5th stop SE ball field: 2- 2x6x10’s
6th stop playground: 6′ step ladder

Assembling the Heli:
TL looked at the photo (see below) design and could only talk to ATL. ATL then had to relay the information to the rest of the pax. Pax completed the heli, roughly, in the time hack so no penalty was given.


Recover Recover
AAR (after action report) for TL and ATL. I will let them tell their side of it.

-I came in hot at 0657, dropped the coupons and started some random inspections. Multiple guys were lacking what was required for the mission and TL wasn’t even present. Not a good way to start the mission.
-Plan B, make ATL the TL. Just when I was about to do this, TL came screaming in on two wheels. I promised no burpees today, but I did make the pax assume front leaning rest position until TL got his stuff together. They didn’t seem happy, but they were kind.
-Movement today was really good and smooth. Everyone worked really well together and encouraged one another.
-I didn’t think we would make the time hack, but we made it back to the exfil and quickly assembled the Heli.
-Great job today to everyone and thanks for coming out. I hope you had a good time, got a little challenge, and learned something about yourself and others.
-Thanks to everyone who participated in TWoC 2020. It was a real smoker and lots of ridiculously crazy workouts in a row, so t-claps for persevering!
-Keep getting stronger and pushing yourself. Keep EH’ing. Keep checking in on guys and asking how they are doing.

AYE! Cornwallis OUT!

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