Friday Block Party

Weather: 20 degrees, clear, with a cool breeze

PAX: Khaki, Motorboat, Lincoln Log, Clubber, Dr. Porkchop, Kindergarten Cop, Chirp Chirp (FNG), Dry Rub, Nomad (Q)

Warmup: SSH IC x20, Block step up right IC x20, Block step up left IC x20, arm circles front IC x20, arm circles back IC x20

Thang: Zamperini around the parking lot; anytime someone had to put their block down, group stopped to do an exercise. 1st stop was 10 mericans OYO, 2nd stop was dips IC x10, 3rd stop was 10 mericans OYO

Partner workout: 100 overhead presses, 150 goblet squats, 200 curls; while PAX 1 completes exercise, PAX 2 does single side farmer carry to end of lot and back then switch

Mary: Sally! This time it was high plank/low plank

Recover, recover

Moleskin: it was cold but good, hard work to keep us warm and good mumble chatter to keep us engaged. The Q learned about goat yoga this morning as Dry Rub is expanding his fitness palate. Got to welcome Chirp Chirp this morning and man! I’m glad we did. He basically shared his testimony and it was pretty inspiring. Welcome, brother! Blessed to be able to be in the company of good men this morning.

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