Taste of IPC at Grizzly

Weather: 35 degrees and foggy

PAX: Cornwallis, DC, Peacock, Dry Rub, French Lick, Streaker, Kitty (FNG), Double D (FNG), Zamboni, Cosmo, Wrigley, Effin, Etch a Sketch, LEGO, Bueller, Khaki, Nomad (Q)

Warmup: SSH IC x15, weed pickers IC x15, imperial walkers IC x15, mosey around the bathroom building

Thang: Week 1 from IPC with modification: broad jump 10 yards, 10 burpees, broad jump 10 yards, 10 Bonnie Blair’s, broad jump 10 yards, 10 big boi sit-ups, bear crawl 30 yards back to start. Repeat 4 more times.

Mosey to BB court for modified Death Star: corner 1 squats, corner 2 mericans, corner 3 SSH, corner 4 big boi sit-ups…20 in each corner. Repeat 2 more times.

Slowly to wall for Mary: Sally

Recover, recover

Moleskin: awesome group this morning including 2 FNGs and a downrange guy from Minnesota! 17 strong for only the 5th workout ever at Grizzly. Q was seriously impressed with both the effort guys were putting in and also the way we supported each other at the end. Way to get in there and lift up your brother. Blown away by how quickly we completed IPC week 1…and then Khaki figured out that all three exercises were done at every 10-yard mark instead of each at its own mark. I guess we modified as necessary! Great morning to be out with you, men! Keep EHing, keep posting, keep getting stronger.

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