Monday Ruck/Run 8/5/19

Weather: 61 degrees, hazy and very dark


  • Headlock
  • Maize
  • Marshall
  • Motorboat
  • Tulip
  • Logger

Disclaimer Given


The Ruckers: 3 mile ruck as a group. Motorboat knocked out 6 sprints with his ruck overhead between sprints.


The Runners: Ran about a mile then did 10 pull ups and 20 pushups. Then ran 3 miles.


Moleskin: Motorboat, Marshall, and Tulip tried EHing a guy they found on the ruck. His name was Chris, and said he’d show up on Tuesday. Nice Job!

Keep talking up Monday and keeping everyone engaged. It feels good having 6 guys post in the morning. Its good for us each individually for fitness and its good for F3 Indianapolis to develop fellowship.

Thanks Men!

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