Thursday Warm Up

15 PAX posted for a easy workout to warm us up for the VQ of the decade this Thursday. Disclaimer was given and we got to it.

Warm up



The Thang

Catch me if you can (burpx5/backwards run)

Ring of fire (10x around the circle)

Squat hold / jump

Plank / merkin

At night / in the morning

Indian run

Waterfall (2 lines of PAX face each other, man on end runs to other end, as P1 runs past, PAX go down&up for one rep, P2 follows when P1 in position, repeat until down and back on basketball court)


Bridge Kicks

American Hammer

Mosey home

Decalf (25x toes in, straight, out)



Spell your name


Bay City scissors


Recover recover!


I wanted to hit every part of the body a little, but not burn anyone out before Thursday. Thankful for the visit from skynet (Naperville, Il). We are all pumped for Headlock’s VQ!



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