Never Forget

Weather 61 and clear





FNG Dion Miller

Crabby PO

Cubby Blue 



Wapner QIC



SSHs IC x25

Imperial walkers IC x15

Sprinkler IC x15

Shoulder pretzels IC x15

Abe Vigodas IC x10

Grass pickers IC x15

Tempo squats IC x10


Mosey to stairs

11 sets of stairs

9 merkins each set of stairs

Mosey to bathrooms

Dips ring of fire 

Mosey to blocks

Teams of 3 – 2 do thrusters while 1 runs to end of parking lot and back to 110 thrusters

R&R with block curls

in remembrance of the 110 flights of stairs in each tower keeping in mind the fire fighters who ran in to the building to help people.

AA FLIGHT 11 (hit the first tower) – 11 burpees

UNITED AIRLINES FLIGHT 175 (hit the second tower)- 75 (modify for time from 175) block presses. Mosey to the flag if you need a break

UNITED AIRLINES FLIGHT 93 (crashed in PA)- 93 step ups on block 

AA FLIGHT 77- Hold blocks overhead for 77 seconds


Laney Lu x11

LBCs IC x25

Flutter kicks IC x25



We didn’t have a workout on 9/11 so I thought we should mark the occasion this week and remember the events that shaped our nation. Borrowed heavily from Q of Cornwallis on 9/11 at The Hill. Traffic jam in the parking lot when YHC arrived is a good sign. 9 men including an FNG make the choice to get better today. PAX commented that disclaimer is getting more creative every time it’s given. Discussion of whether merkins are a good idea before block activities. Turns out answer is probably not. After back to back arm beat downs this week 12 oz. curls may be a little tricky this weekend. One PAX plans to use a straw. Mary highlighted by a new BlackCat Laney Lu record of 11. 

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