Backblast October 2, 2017

57 and breezy for five PAX posting. Wagner, I.M., Jay-Z, welcome back Zonky, and Maestro QIC


MNC x30 IC

Arm Pretzels x30 IC

Shoulder stretches

Abe Vagotas x10 IC (slow and steady)

Calf stretches into

Grass Pickers x20

And to get the blood flowing, our beloved Motivators down from 5

Mosey to the monkey bars, (scenic route)

Although we started this one on the back end I’m going to describe it as it was planned.

Stations starting at the pavement

10 Merkins SC, run to the tables

5 Dips SC, run to the monkey bars

1 pull-up then back to the tables

5 Dips and then back the beginning.

PAX did 5 reps followed by a cool down of around the world lunges x10.

Rinse and Repeat with 10 jump squats, 5 incline Merkins and 1 Toes to bar.

Cool down on the second round was 30 LBCs IC.

Scenic Mosey to the Main Shelter

25 Lunges and a lap around the Shelter

25 Squats and a lap

25 Lunges and a lap

25 Squats and a lap

Planked for the 6 who happened to be the QIC.

Cooled down with heels to heaven x20 IC

Needed to burn a few seconds so we did a backward, catch me if you can, Indian Run with 5 LBCs. One round accomplished before we ran out of lights and sidewalk. Jogged back for 6MOM.

BayCity Scissors x10

5, 30, 60, 90, 60, 30, and 5 Holds for 10 Counts.

FMs x20 IC

Wiper Hold for 10 Count

Threw in a Scorpion for good measure and because they just feel good.

Moleskin. QIC needs to get more sleep. Kids were up all night. Seemed like fun was had by all. Most mumble scatter included, “at least we didn’t . . . “. Pleasure to cover for Zonky who had planned to contribute his VQ today, but his knees decided otherwise.

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