Working on the Team Work

At the Black Cat

63 degrees and humid


General stretching for 3 minutes
SSH x 25
Weedpickers x 10
Deep squat hold for 30 seconds

Long Mosey to the softball field

5x Burpee’s at home plate, bear crawl to 1st, 4x burpee’s, lunge’s to 2nd, 3x burpee’s, crab walk to 3rd, 2x burpee’s, Sprint home, 1x burpee’s.  Rinse and repeat 1x

Pick a partner for the rest of the workout
Catch Me If You Can: 1st PAX runs backwards, 2nd PAX does 5 burpee’s and sprints forward to catch 1st PAX. Flap-Jack. Repeat until each PAX does 25 burpee’s.

Mosey to shelter house

1st PAX planks, while 2nd PAX does 15x dips with legs on 1st PAX back. Flap-Jack. Repeat 3x.

Long mosey to play equipment

1st PAX does pull-ups until exhaustion. 2nd PAX assists if needed. Flap-Jack.  Take total number of pull-ups and subtract from 50. Do that many merkins.

Mosey to Flag

Short Skirt introduced us to the Leg Blasters
20x air squats
10x lunge each leg
5x jump lunge each leg
10x jump squat

LBC’s x30
Flutter Kicks x15

Moleskin:  It was an honor being joined by Short Skirt before he heads out for deployment on Saturday.  Will definitely incorporate the leg blasters into future workouts.  He recommended at least 3 sets.  It was a good workout and I think everyone is ready for this humidity to break.

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