Pit Beatdown


The Pit

Pax: Cornwallis (Q)

Imperial high knee walk 
Imperial lunge walk
Weed pickers 


Dora 321 partner cumulative at the Stairs and Wall
Partner 1 does exercise while partner 2 runs up stairs and down ramp
100 merkin wall push ups (push up to standing position) 
50 box jumps 
25 burpees 

Football shuffle:  run down first ramp, back shuffle next ramp, forwards, backwards, then sprint to Panera grass.

Mosey to top of stairs and turn right
20 leg pull overs at the railing in the grass
20 calf raises 
20 single leg calf raises
20 other leg calf raises 

1 min wall sit break 
20 dirty hookups at Target 
20 Rocky balboas 

Tried some wall climbs…no good 
Explored O’Charley’s…nothing there
Ran around the new condos and back 

Just stretched my back which I tweaked running off a curb I didn’t see. 

-YHC had fun using this time to try some new areas and explore and experiment. 
-looking forward to EHing the new apartment buildings when people move in 
-YHC was caught off guard when the ground dropped out from under him and tweaked his back. Luckily he is young, strong, and still good looking.
-Pax looked really good this morning. Had nothing but complements for the Q and made YHC feel special and loved.
-Way to get after it today guys! Other pax who couldn’t make it were definitely missed, but hope their vacation is going well! See you on the flippity flip!


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