Cinder Block Olympiad at The Hill. 8/7/2020

16 PAX gathered at The Hill for a Cinder Block PT test.
Kindergarten Cop (Q), Nomad, Dilly Dilly (DR), Motorboat, Cheeseball, Maize, Teddy Bear, Khaki, Dr. Porkchop, Zamboni, Pickles, Commodore, Kitty, Wrigley, Beefsteak, Pontoon-19.

Weather: Perfect, clear, upper 60s, parking lot lights on

Disclaimer given

Single arm circles, IC forward and reverse. Rinse and repeat with other arm
Weed pickers- IC x 10
Imperial Walkers – IC x 10

Thang: PT Test consisting of:
2:00 minute Kettle bell swings
Gold – Khaki
Silver – Nomad
Bronze – Motorboat, Dr. Porkchop

2:00 minute Curls
Gold – Zamboni
Silver – Khaki
Bronze – Nomad

Zamperini Hold
Gold – Maize
Silver – Nomad
Bronze – Zamboni

2:00 Goblet Squat
Gold – Zamboni
Silver – Nomad
Bronze – Kitty

2:00 Overhead Press
Gold – Pontoon-19
Silver – Motorboat
Bronze – Khaki

Farmers Carry for distance
Gold – Beefsteak
Silver – Teddy Bear
Bronze – Khaki

2:00 minute Block Merkin
Gold – Dilly Dilly
Silver – Zamboni
Bronze – Khaki

2:00 8 count Man Makers
Gold – Khaki
Silver – Dr Porkchop
Bronze – Dilly Dilly, Motorboat

Great effort from all PAX. Lots of encouragement between the PAX. Special shout out to Maize who CRUSHED the Zamp hold and Beefsteak’s complete lap on the Farmer’s Carry.

Always a pleasure to meet you guys in the mornings. Always great to start the day with fellowship, fitness, and faith.


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