Ruck with Weight

Brisk morning in the low 40s as 5 pax and a dog posted for a nice walk with weight.

Pax: Nomad, Dry Rub, Snooki, Khaki, Motorboat (QIC)

Disclaimer given

Thang: Picked up our rucks and a couple of sandbags (60#ish and 80#ish). We covered 2.5 miles and returned to the hill having good conversation and enjoying a beautiful sunset. 2 burpees for both Woodchuck and Hold’em as they are both deployed and 16 inclined pull-ups to finish out the workout.

Recover Recover. COT

Moleskin: YHC (Motorboat) is really bad with names. In fact, I called Dry Rub “thumper” all morning and was not corrected for 45 MINUTES! I am throughly embarrassed.

Coffeeteria followed. Nomad proposed Friday “Block Party” workouts. AKA cinder blocks every Friday. Of course, this sounds like a terrible idea; what time do I show up?

Loved spending time under the weight with you guys this morning.


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