CSAUP Stop 7 – Grizzly Cooper

65 and calm. 20 Pax reporting (Pantelones, dilly dilly, Motorboat, Kitty, Optimus, Zamboni, Wriggly, Bumblebee, Quick, Blades, Coyote, Sarge, Snooki, Wooly Dutchman, cheeseball, Klinger, Nomad, Headlock, Ponzi, McStuffins, Coyote-Q) Disclaimer Given and 5 Core Principles. *** Warm Up *** •       SSH IC x33 •       Arm Circles IC x20 •       Moroccan Nightclubs IC x20 •       Squat … More CSAUP Stop 7 – Grizzly Cooper


8/3 – The Vet

08/03/21 at The Vet Weather: 58° and perfect Disclaimer and core principles given Warmup:– Arm Pretzels x10 (IC), Arm Circles (Forward and Back) x10 (IC), Weed Pickers x10 (IC), Abe Vigodas x10 (IC) Thang:Slowsy to steps– 11’s: Set 1 – Merkins and Aussie Pull Ups 50 LBC’sSet 2 – Squats and Dips50 BBSU’sSet 3 – … More 8/3 – The Vet

Around the Horn

Tuesday, March 16 2021: 17 Pax posted at the Hill for Around the Horn. Nomad, Wrigley, Beater, Snooki, Snaphook, Zamboni, Woolly Dutchman, Biscuit, Cheeseball, Candi, Fantana, Faceoff, Bumblebee, Optimus, Logger, Genie, and Slider (Q). Weather: 36, wet, no wind, little fog. Disclaimer: Not an expert, Neither F3, Northview, nor I am responsible. Will help you back to … More Around the Horn

Ramped up at The Vet

Weather: 27, Slick, Cold, Gloomy Pax: Dr.P, Pontoon, Woolly, Clancy, Snaphook Warm0- rubberbands, thigh stretchers, windmills, Frankenstein march. After some warm-up discussion and scouting it was confirmed we would run ramps at Veterans Garage. we put in @ 3 miles. and the garmin says we got in 37 flights of stairs. sprints were mostly avoided … More Ramped up at The Vet

Interval Run

Weather 34 warm-0 rubberbands, weedpickers, and Frankenstein across 3rd ave. 10 Pax headed north on the monon after a 7 minute warm up and a little recovery we did loops in the residential area just north of main st. between the monon and the highschool. 4 min running, 2 min recovery, repeat x 4. then … More Interval Run


Weather: 45 and a bit of rain in the distance disclaimer: yelled out as I got out of car due to coming in hot. 7 Pax. Pontoon-19, Motorboat, Khaki, Woolly Dutchman, Logger, Maize, Snaphook-Q Warmo- SSH, Weedpickers, Goofball, Finkle Swings, Circular Mosey until dizzy. The Thang: 2 exercises, then various modes of transportation around and … More TundraRotunda

would you rather

10 pax braved the gloom on a gorgeous rainy 43 degree morning. Disclaimer given Warmorama– AbeVigoda, SSH, Moroccan Night Clubs & Mosey The Thang. each pax takes turns answering would you rather questions, no wrong answers. exercises pre determined to stated answer. pax not privy… Would you rather have more TIME or more MONEY?  15 … More would you rather