Reppin’ at The Pit

11 PAX showed out today at The Pit leading F3 Indianapolis in total PAX posted in the gloom (Square, Exploding Cow, Swayzee, Proximity, Cheeseball, Fantana, Spaceballs, Dr. Porkchop, Cornwallis, McStuffins, Khaki-Q) Warm-up: IC Slow Weedpickers IC Arm Circles Mosey Thang: 100 Air Squats 80 Flutter Kicks (2 is 1) 60 Merkins 40 Big Boys 20 … More Reppin’ at The Pit


Last Pit of 2020

12/31/2020 Pax: Maize, Snaphook, Khaki, Square, Nomad, Swayzee, FNG Mike, Cornwallis (Q) DisclaimerCore Principles Warm-o-rama: Harry and Megan quit the Royal family- Harry Rockettes x 20TP shortage- Mtn Man Pooper (toes, squat w/arms out, toes, clap) x 20Sports cancelled- Apolo Onos x 10 IC; Bonnie Blair x 10 IC Trump Impeached by house “You’re Fired” and … More Last Pit of 2020

All fun n games until people get stronger!

Fun workout games for core strength! Temp: 43 and cool Pax: 15 Disclaimer: short description of F3 craziness and 5 core principles! Apparently nobody is responsible for your decisions this morning except you!! Warmups: x10 • SSH • Weed picker • Imperial walker • Motivator from 3 Thang: Fun workout games • Thang 1: Red … More All fun n games until people get stronger!


“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. ” -Galatians 6:2 6 Pax came to a special workout to emphasize awareness about anxiety, depression, and suicide. Warm-0-Rama Side Straddle Hops Invisible jump ropes lunges Mosey to Hill (bring your weights) Burden Carry Line up side to side with weights in front Pickup … More #F3MentalBattle

TWoC Day 2: Spartacus

2/26/19 The Hill 17 pax for Day 2 of The Week of Cornwallis! Q: Cornwallis Pax: Zamboni, Swayzee, Tulip, State, PVC, Nomad, Marshall, Maize, Logger, Kneehigh, Khaki, Headlock, Flash, DC, Brickyard, Beefsteak Disclaimer Warm-o-rama (IC) SSH x 25 IST x 10 Thang: SPARTACUS (OYO. If you need a break, take an 80 yard mosey. After … More TWoC Day 2: Spartacus

Plum creek ruck

2/9/19 The Hill Q: Cornwallis Pax: Cosmo, Maize, Cinnamon, Flash, Swayzee, Marshall New route today. See below for details. Worked in mericans, squats, lunges, and mtn climbers at major intersections. Good to have Flash back out for his second post. Most of us from Thursday are still nursing sore calves. Thanks DC. AYE!

Saturday Ruck

1/26/19 The Hill Q: Cornwallis Pax: Cosmo, Marshall, Swayzee, Logger. Rucked 3.6 miles. Moleskin: Lots of good times catching up, talking about movies and life. I thought we would cross a milestone at 3.58, only to be reminded that miles don’t click over at 60 like minutes do. Oh well. Aye!