Mary Run

9/30/21 The Pit Pax: Square, CW(q) Disclaimer, core principles, F3 mission statement Warm-O IST, windmill, weedpickers, kick w twist, stretch Thang: 2.8 mile run with Mary worked in Stretch Recover recover Moleskin: Great morning and chance to just talk and catch up. Talked about jobs, government, politics, and religion. We figured it all out! We’re … More Mary Run

IPC Week 4

Pax: Cornwallis, Square, Dr. Porkchop Weather: 60ish and clear Warm up: SSH, windmill, kick w/ twist, arm swings The Thang: Exercises are to be done in sets of 25 reps. After completing 25 reps, run to the cone that is 25 yards away and do 3 burpees. After the 3 burpees, run back and continue … More IPC Week 4

IPC 3 at the Pit

9/21/21 The Pit Pax: Square, Proximity, Cornwallis (proctor) Disclaimer, Core Principles, F3 Mission statement Warm-o SSH, IST, Windmill, weedpickers, arm circles Thang: *50 Kraken burpees Run 400 meters *50 BDE burpees Run 800 meters *50 Bonnie Blair’s Run 1200 meters * every 2 min on the min run 50 yards and then continue exercises. Results: … More IPC 3 at the Pit

Usual Shenanigans

Pax: Proximity & Square (Q)Disclaimer + F3 Core Principles Warm-o-ramaSide Straddle Hop x 20 ICWindmills x15 ICImperial Walkers x15 ICWeedPickers x15 ICRunners Stretch Sequence 3 rounds of excercise at the wall, then run a giant square stopping at each corner for an exercise. Round 1 Wall steps ups x40Run the square alternating Merkins x20 & … More Usual Shenanigans

IPC Week 1 – revenge of murder bunnies

Pax: Proximity, Cornwallis & Square (Q)Disclaimer + F3 Core Principles Warm-o-ramaSide Straddle Hop x 20 ICArm Circles x8 ICRunners Stretch Sequence Round 1▪ 800 meter run▪ 25 yard murder bunny▪ 10 shoulder tap merkins (merkin-tap each shoulder is one rep)▪ 25 yard reverse murder bunny▪ 20 blockees with a thruster▪ 25 yard murder bunny▪ 10 … More IPC Week 1 – revenge of murder bunnies


8/24/21 The Pit Pax: DR FNG (now known as Bettis) from Lexington), DR Woodrider, Square, Proximity, Cornwallis Q Disclaimer, Core PRINCIPLES Warm-o-Rama SSH x 20, IST x 10, Weedpickers x 10, Windmill x 10, arm circles 10 each direction Thang Run to BR park and back stopping along the way for these exercises 5 burpees … More Running?

IPC is coming

8/19/21 The Pit Pax: Dr Porkchop, Proximity, Square, Cornwallis Disclaimer, Core principles Warm-o-Rama: SSH x 20 Ist x 10 Windmill, weedpickers x 10 each Kick with twist x 10 Arm circles x 10 F and B Thang: 4 rounds of 25 burpees and run 1/4 mile. Total 100 burpees and 1 mile for total time … More IPC is coming

Circuit Intervals

Pax: Proximity, Wilson & Square (Q)Disclaimer + F3 Core Principles Warm-o-ramaSide Straddle Hop x 20 ICKick with Twist x20 ICWindmills x 20 ICHigh Knees March x20 ICStretch Sequence Mosey to the Wall by the Stairs The Thang Part 1:1.   20 x Merkins2.   20 x Step-Ups3.   20 x Dips4.   20 x Half … More Circuit Intervals