The Vet IPC Week #1

Weather; 65. PAX: Slider, Waldo and Snaphook. Disclaimers and Core’s announced. Warm: Weed Pickers, Windmills, Imperial Walkers, and SSH Thang. 3 rounds. 800 M run, murder bunny 25 yds. 10 shoulder tap merkins. reverse murder bunny 25 yds. 20 blockees with a thruster. murder bunny 25 yds, 10 shoulder tap merkins. reverse murder bunny 25 … More The Vet IPC Week #1


Weather: 68 Pax : Slider, Kitty, and Snaphook. WarmO: Kick w a Twist – Seal Jacks – Arm Circles – Weed Pickers, mosey to playground. Ladders. do 1 rep of each.2 of each…3… and up to 10 Ladder 1. Merkins | BBSU | Squats. mosey and 5 SSH IC Ladder 2. Reverse Crunch | Plank … More Ladders

The return of Combine

Weather 57, partly cloudy, and perfect. Pax- Combine, FNG Clint, Slider, Headlock, Butterfly, Biscuit & Snaphook. Disclaimer and Core’s announced. WarmO included- Toy Soldiers, Seal Jacks, Hillbilly Walkers, Nancy Kerrigans, FNG rolled in hot, Mosey to the musicians and Weed Pickers. Thang. Dora’s and Mary and More Dora’s. 100 Merkins 200 BBSU 300 200 Prisoner … More The return of Combine

ultimate beatdown

Weather 57. 21 pax. 18 for ultimate, Cheeseball led Odyssey and Ladybird through a beatdown. disclaimer and core’s announced. WarmO- SSH, Kick with a Twist, weedpickers, rubberbands and counting off. Game started out rough for the heavily favored home team. after a 4-0 deficit Cornwallis was acquired for a player to be named and cash … More ultimate beatdown

IR at The Vet

Weather: 72 Pax: FNG -Klinger, Wilson, Cheeseball, Clancy, Sarge, Headlock, Biscuit, Odyssey, Ponzi, Snaphook. Disclaimers and Core’s. followed by warm up- 15 SSH IC. Rubber bands and Frankenstein. Warm up mosey to downtown. followed by a reverse Captain D route w breaks at 4 min. followed by all you got for a block, walk for … More IR at The Vet


Weather: 70, clear, pavement damp Pax: Wilson, Khaki, GTL, Chirp Chirp, Callahan, Biscuit, Headlock, Spud, Snaphook-Q Disclaimers and Core P’s announced. Warmo: Weed Pickers, Seal Jacks, Arm Circles, OH Claps, farmer carry to lower lot north end. Oyo do 20 of ea. 2 exercises then run to light and back. hold plank for 6. then … More 50/50

partner up

Weather 70. Pax: Heart Throb, Sub Zero, Odyssey, Cheeseball, Snaphook Intro & disclaimers. WarmO- Overhead Claps, Seal Jacks, Imperial Walkers, Toy Soldiers. Partner up, occasionally switch partners on Q’s call. P1 does exercise while P2 does called out transportation to point and back- and flapjack. Heart Throb volunteered to ghost and modify as he’s coming … More partner up