Have block- will carry

Slackblast:Have blocks- will carryDATE: 2022-05-16AO: #aoblackcatQ: @DaisyPAX: @Boucher @Bubblicious @Bueller @CrabbyPO @Gasman @Jar Jar @Jay-Z @Piper of BlackCat @Sliot @StacheFNGs: Pew pewCOUNT: 12WARMUP: Shoulder pretzels- 20ICMoroccan night clubs- 20ICGrass pickers- 15ICSumo squats- 15ICStretch tight OYO THE THANG: Farmer carry and 5 merkins with partner then flap jack once you catch him. Block stations: 20 repsSkull … More Have block- will carry

Boucher Appreciation Week Day 1: Brown Derby

DATE: 2022-05-02Q: @BoucherPAX: @Jay-Z @CrabbyPO @Bubblicious @Bueller @F3Maestro @Gasman @Piper of BlackCat @Stache @Sliot @Wapner, @Pew Pew, @Jar JarCOUNT: 13 WARM-O- RAMA: Maestro CAP lap Motivator x10 Grass Pickers x25 Sprinklers x 10 THE THANG:3 stations set up with posted instructions outside each public restroom in the park to honor the thrones. Station #1 Leg … More Boucher Appreciation Week Day 1: Brown Derby

The Masters Return to Augusta

DATE: 2022-04-08, mid 30°s, drizzlyAO: #aoblackcatQ: @SliotPAX: @Boucher @Bubblicious @Bueller @CrabbyPO @F3Maestro @Jay-Z @Pew Pew Man @Stache @DaisyFNGs: Chad (now Heat Pump)COUNT: 11 WARMUP:CAP Lap, SSH x10IC slow tempo, Imperial Walkers x10IC, Hillbilly Walkers x10IC, We’re Not Worthy x10 OYO. Stretch arms and legs as needed THE THANG:PAX split up into teams, each team with … More The Masters Return to Augusta

March 35th April Fools Kyger St. Cathouse

DATE: 2022-04-04AO: #aoblackcatQ: @BoucherPAX: @F3Maestro @Bubblicious @Jay-Z @Stache @Piper of BlackCat @Sliot @Bueller @CrabbyPOFNGs: NoneCOUNT: 9WARMUP:Maestro CAP lap Moroccan Night club x10Grass Pickers x10Bat wing with thumb up/down x15Nipple tweekers x15 THE THANG: Mosey with blocks to top of stairs and drop it for later. Mosey to tennis courts. Double 4 corners courts and stairs … More March 35th April Fools Kyger St. Cathouse

Burp-muda Triangle

DATE: 2022-03-23AO: #aoblackcatQ: @DaisyPAX: @Bueller @Bubblicious @CrabbyPO @F3Maestro @Boucher @Gasman @Sliot @StacheFNGs: Jar JarCOUNT: 10WARMUP:Batwing- 20ICGrasspickers 15ICSprinkler- 15ICFinkle swings- 10 each legStretch tightness OYO THE THANG: Burp-muda Triangle3 laps,Large shelter house- 5 burpees, 10- wing nuts, 15 abyss merkinsBath house- 5 burpees, 10 Lunges each leg, 15 LBCsHappy place- 5 burpees, 10 box jumps, 15 … More Burp-muda Triangle

Shamrock Slumdog Court Jester 22’

DATE: 2022-03-18AO: #aoblackcatQ: @BoucherPAX: @Gasman @Wapner @CrabbyPO @Jay-Z @Sliot @Stache @BuellerFNGs: Pew Pew, Jar Jar, FNG ChadCOUNT: 11WARM-O-RAMA Maestro C.A.P. lapGrass Pickersx10 ICArm and leg stretches10 Flying Nuns (5 each leg)Bat wing x15Arm circles (Fwd & Backwards)Overhead clapsSeal clapsThumbs up then thumbs down THE THANG: Mosey to 1st basketball court Suicide BurpeesGo up by 2 … More Shamrock Slumdog Court Jester 22’

Tortoise and hare marathon

DATE: 2022-03-16AO: #aoblackcatQ: @DaisyPAX: @Boucher @Bubblicious @Jay-Z @SliotFNGs: @bueller, @poleman, @pewpewCOUNT: 8WARMUP:20 Shoulder pretzels IC20 Moroccan Night Clubs IC10 Sprinklers w/ legs IC15 grass pickers ICStretch tight areas OYOTHE THANG:Tortoise & Hare marathonPAX Farmer carries two blocks while partner does exercise. Partner then runs to relieve partner of blocks and they flapjack. Carry route was … More Tortoise and hare marathon

Pulling Double Coupons

Slackblast:Pulling Double CouponsDATE: 2022-03-07AO: #aoblackcatQ: @Jay-ZPAX: @Piper of BlackCat @Boucher @Sliot @Stache @Bueller @Stephen Griffy @F3Maestro @CrabbyPOFNGs: NoneCOUNT: 9WARMUP: Maestro Lap, 14 Burpees, Grass pickers ICX15, Sprinklers ICX15, Tempo squats ICX10, Tempo merkins ICX10, General stretchingTHE THANG: Farmer carry in groups of 3 to the baseball diamond. 50 SSH for the PAX not carrying and … More Pulling Double Coupons