“Lazy” 4K + 1000, (almost)

Weather 53 degrees, phone said that a slight fog was in the air. 20 PAX rose from the fartsack and entered the gloom. Maize, Beefsteak, Pickles, FNG-Tucson, Pontoon, Bumblebee, Khaki, Optimus, Woolly Dutchman, Cheeseball, Clancy, Logger, Kitty, Tiger King, Chirp Chirp, State, Headlock, Nomad, Motorboat, Snaphook(Q) Disclaimer and Core Principles were reviewed Warmup: Finkle Swings, … More “Lazy” 4K + 1000, (almost)

count em down

20 PAX, 57 degrees, perfect. Q:Snaphook PAX: Maize, Adjective, Faceoff, Cheeseball, Nomad, Teddybear, Pontoon19, Motorboat, FNG(Pickles), Tigerking, Bumblebee, Khaki, Optimus, Zamboni, Wrigley, State, Brickyard, Clancy, Logger Disclaimer given, 5 cores announced. warming up Big arm circles 10IC F Little baby arm circles 10IC reverse Weedpickers 10IC Overhead Claps 10IC Low and Slow Squats 10IC Mosey … More count em down

The Front Nine

70 degrees, beautiful morning. Disclaimer given, Core Principles Warm Up Abe Vigoda 10 SSH 18 Lil Baby Arm Circles forward and back 10 each Weed Pickers 10 Mosey 414 yd warm up hole. tough par 4 with mild elevation. keeps going left, we loved this one so much we just kept playing it the rest … More The Front Nine

a great ear

2 Pax @ the Pit. 73, humid, ideal. Cornwallis, Q-Snaphook Disclaimer given Warm up SSH 25 IC Sun Gods 10IC forward and reverse Finkle Swings 10IC each leg Weed Pickers Chilly Jacks Mosey. Thang #1 Run up the stairs x3 and different exercise down the ramp each time. Skip, Run Bernie, Defensive Slides Thang #2 … More a great ear

Monday Run/Ruck

70 degrees, a touch humid. disclaimer given, oyo strecthing observed. 5 Pax posted at the hill for a snaphook marathon or ruck. Logger, Khaki and Nomad ran nearly 29,591 feet, very quickly. Motorboat and YHC enjoyed a nice ruck. great F2 time during that, and with the runners afterwards. COT : Prayers for Nomad’s friend … More Monday Run/Ruck

Testing, Testing..

7 PAX got up and after it on a beautiful slightly foggy Monday Morning. Quack, Brickyard, Beefsteak, Chapo, Snaphook, State, FNG-Grant Warmup Weedpickers SSH Up straddle hops L&R little baby arm circles forward BIG arm circles in reverse Mosey 300 meters Thang: Fitness Test AMRAP 1 Minute each Merkins Big Boy Sit Ups Mountain Climbers … More Testing, Testing..

Poison Ivy

17 Pax posted on a beautiful 61 degree morning. Q: Snaphook Pax: Kindergarten Cop, Beefsteak, Chirp Chirp, Maize, Splatterski, Bumblebee, Motorboat, Optimus, Ladybird (downrange), Commodore, Pontoon, State, Wrigley, Headlock, Brickyard- AKA GroinStrain, & Logger Brickyard was anxious to get started on Q source so he arrived very, very early. Pax circled up and enjoyed a … More Poison Ivy

Be Present

Weather: 39, felt warmer.. 13 Pax posted at Grizzly. Nomad, Cosmo, Logger, Effin, Dr. Porkchop, Kitty, Wrigley, Zamboni, Cornwallis, Khaki, French lick, Fletch, Q-Snaphook Disclaimer given. Warm up; Windmill, Daniel Son, Nancy Kerrigan, Calf Stretch Warm up part 2, Mosey to the stop light- then Flying Nun west a bit. Mosey to the switchback in … More Be Present