43F with clear skiesDate: 12-31-2021AO: BlackcatPax:  Slit, Piper Bubblicious JayZ, Maestro, boucherFNGs: 0Q: MotorBoatTotal: 7 Disclaimer, Mission, Core Principles Warm Up:25 SSHShoulder pretzelsKick with TwistCopperhead SquatsWindmills The Thang:20 Minutes of ChleseaEMOM – 5 pull ups, 10 Mercans, 15 air Squats Run to the shelter11s with Bonnie Blairs and Jump Tucks using both staircases Mary:Crescent TucksBackwards 7sCorpse crunchFlutter … More Vibration

Dice and Fun

75F and clear Pax: Spud, Pontoon19, PVC, Hanson, Motorboat Warmup: walking around the parking lot while doing various exercises. arm circles, Frankenstein walk, high knees, butt kickers. Thang: Roll the dice. Black dice is the exercise and Red dice is the count. Burpee, Merkin, Squat, Flutter kick, Dip, Decline Merkin, Jump Tuck, Split Squat, Superman, … More Dice and Fun

21 SEP 2021 Tundra

2 pax posted. 5 core principles, disclaimer and then alternating lunges, shoulder pretzels and weed pickers for warm up Thang- lotta tabata. 1:10 work, :20 rest. 10 exercises. 2 rounds with 2 minutes between rounds. Jump lunges, calf raises, merkins, burpees, shuttle run, air squats, step ups, shoulder taps, hand release pushups, bear crawl Mary: … More 21 SEP 2021 Tundra

Ruck or Run 9-20-21

Weather: Light Rain and 72 degrees. PAX: Spud, WoollyDutchman, Motorboat, Blades, Headlock, State, Logger Disclaimer given Thang: Ruckers did the neighborhood to the North. Runners did Founders Park. Moleskin: 7 on a rainy morning was a great number. Headlock joined the runners, it was excellent having him back. It was still really warm, the rain … More Ruck or Run 9-20-21

Friday Fun Day

PB mentioned pulling fun things Weather: upper 50s and clear Pax: Blades, Pontoon19, Slider, Motorboat Disclaimer, Core principles, Mission Warmup:Arm pretzelArm CirclesISTKick with TwistWindmillSide Straddle HopTempo MerkinsTempto Squats Thang:3 Pax do the exercise while the 4th pax drags an 80# sandbag about 75 yards downhill and back upLow squats1.5 Squats on the blockSplit SquatsJump Tucks … More Friday Fun Day

Chelsea modified

scheduled Q was quarantined so YHC stepped into the role. Weather: 70F and clear Pax: Pontoon19, Spud, State, Kitty, Motorboat Disclaimer, Core Principles, and Mission statement Warmup:Shoulder pretzelsWindmillsISTSSHRun around the rotunda Thang: Just kidding! Mary to start. 5 “W” raises60 seconds knees slides10 Butterfly situps45 seconds corkscrewslevitation crunch x 10 Big Bois with rotation x … More Chelsea modified