CSAUP Stop 7 – Grizzly Cooper

65 and calm. 20 Pax reporting (Pantelones, dilly dilly, Motorboat, Kitty, Optimus, Zamboni, Wriggly, Bumblebee, Quick, Blades, Coyote, Sarge, Snooki, Wooly Dutchman, cheeseball, Klinger, Nomad, Headlock, Ponzi, McStuffins, Coyote-Q) Disclaimer Given and 5 Core Principles. *** Warm Up *** •       SSH IC x33 •       Arm Circles IC x20 •       Moroccan Nightclubs IC x20 •       Squat … More CSAUP Stop 7 – Grizzly Cooper

One Year Beatdown

8/5/2021 Weather: Clear, 55ish F Welcome: Principles & Disclaimer Thang: Warmup: SSH, WP, Imperial walkers, Bat wings Mosey to front lot, Big Sexy, IC – Dirty hookups, pickle pounder, pickle pointers, monkey humpers Mosey to main lot, Mucho Chesto, IC – series of Merkins, regular merkins, diamonds, wide arm, staggered left arm, staggered right arm, decline, incline, … More One Year Beatdown

Don’t Hate, Gladiate

The BigEZ – 71 degrees, 97% Humidity 7 PAX at Big EZ for a Competitive Gladiator Beatdown! – Brickyard, Butterfly, McStuffins (Mod), Mullet, Pantalones, Springbok, and Toto (Q) F3 mission: to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. 5 core principles: Always Free, Open to All … More Don’t Hate, Gladiate

US Open Interval Run

Weather: 73 and felt like 86. 10 pax. Clancy, Headlock, Tulip, KC, Candi, Biscuit, McStuffins, Pontoon-19, Wilson, Snaphook Warmo- Weedpickers, SSH, Rubber bands and Frankenstein. 3.5 miles of running and walking. Moleskine: Wouldn’t be a Major if it wasn’t a little tougher, og plan was to do a couple Junkyards and some garage work. Clancy … More US Open Interval Run

4/15/21 – The Vet – Pick Your Partner Well

Weather: 38, light wind Pax: Nomad, Beefsteak, McStuffins, Butterfly, Khaki, Biscuit, Slider (q)5 principals Open to all men Free of charge Always outside Peer led Ends in COT Disclaimer (almost forgot this…was done during the warm up) Warm up Motivator from 5 Arm Circles (Forward and Backward) – 20 Abe Vigodas – 10 Frankenstein walk … More 4/15/21 – The Vet – Pick Your Partner Well

The rest of the bracket

Weather : 46. Mild with a back cooling dew Pax: 21 Genie, Warm Glow, Beater, Logger, McStuffins, Bumblebee, State, Clancy, Biscuit, Slider, Pickles, Nomad, Pontoon-19, Faceoff, Tulip, Beefsteak, FNG-Jeremy, Shawshank, Cheeseball, Candi, Snaphook (Q) Disclaimer and Core Principles announced at tip off. WarmO- SSH, Weed Pickers, Abe Vighodas, Sun Gods & 400 Meter Mosey 2 … More The rest of the bracket

FBI Tribute PT

Weather 27 Pax: McStuffins, Clancy, Biscuit, BeefSteak, FNG, & Snaphook Warm0- SSH, Imperial Walkers, WeedPickers, Daniel Sons, Mosey, Mtn Climbers, and Arm Circles. Thang: FBI Fitness Test. Tribute to Special Agents Laura Schwartzenberger & Daniel Alfin who were killed tuesday serving warrants. multiple other agents wounded. BigBoiSitUps-AMRAP- One Minute 300 Meter Sprint AMRAP Continuous movement … More FBI Tribute PT

lotsa everything

Weather: 34 Pax: 22 including 3 FNG’s Disclaimer and Core Principles Warm-o SSH 20IC, Abe Vigoda 10IC, Hillbilly Walkers 10 IC, SunGods 10 IC f/r. & Mosey to O.G. Big Lot Thang; Lotsa Pax – Lined up North-South and spread out. Q calls out various exercises and reps. various modes of transportation after rounds. sprints, … More lotsa everything