Sadly No Music, no Dancing Girls

Marshall’s bluetooth speaker refused to connect so the rotunda did not thunder with motivating music. The dancing girls wouldn’t have shown up anyway. Since Marshall was still fighting with the speaker at 0515, Motorboat handled the warmup and Disclaimer: “I’m not a professional, not responsible, the city of Noblesville’s not responsible, all exercises are suggestions, … More Sadly No Music, no Dancing Girls

Improvised Beatdown

58F and clear Pax: Marshall, Pontoon19, Spud, Slowesy, Hanson, Tulip, Motorboat. Disclaimer given Warmup:Shoulder Pretzel x15 ICSSH x25 ICBurpee X10 IC Thang: Mary first!W leg raises x 51 min of knee slidesButterfly situps x 10 ICCorkscrew 1 MinLBC x10ICBig boi sit ups with rotation x 5IC EMOM 2 20min: 5 Merkins10 Squats15 LBC Mosey around … More Improvised Beatdown

F3 tundra Thursday

7 PAX reported at 5:15 tundra for a musical workout including: Tulip, Willie Dutchman, Motorboat, Marshall, Spud, Pontoon-19, and Me. We did side-straddle-hops and ‘mericans to the tune of Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer, Mountain Climbers for Weird Al Yankovic’s Jurassic Park, and LBCs + WWII Sit-Ups for Fountains of Wayne’s Stacy’s Mom.

The Pit Convergence

5/1/21 F3 Dad’s at The Pit Pax: Square, Oliver, Coyote, Roadrunner, Quick, Knee-high, Splaturski, Raptor, Logger, Pikachu, Curly, Roundoff, Nomad, Khaki, Tulip, Sarge, Who Dat, Biscuit, Gravy, Spud, Hanson, Ace, Pickles, Marshall, Marshmallow, Wilson, Shredder, Hotslice, Pontoon19, Bumblebee, Smalls, Proximity, Trax, Lioness, Kitty, Herbie, Branch, Cheese Whiz, PVC, Little Bisquit, Cheeseball, Headlock, Hiney, State, Blue, … More The Pit Convergence

Florida Man…

Weather: Almost as warm as Florida here in Noblesville for 5:15 in the morning. 6 Pax showed up for a beatdown borrowed from F3 Suncoast. Warm-O-Rama: Imperial Walkers, Side Straddle Hops, Quad stretches, Invisible Jump Ropes Thang: Catch Me If You Can. When Kneehigh and I were on vacation last week we showed up for … More Florida Man…