Decoder Beatdown

7 PAX at The Vet – Cheeseball, Maize, Beater, Wilson, Genie, Bubblebath, Clancy (Q) Weather: A Heat wave of 33 degrees and some slush to deal with Disclaimer and Core Principles Warm-O-Rama – SSH X50Weedpickers X 13Arm Circles X10 X 2Imperial Walkers X15 Thang:50 MerkinsAlligator Merkin extended due to failure to decode25 LungesBear Crawl Ring … More Decoder Beatdown


8 PAX posted with essentially zero warning of what the beatdown would entail. YHC figured his preblasts have been deterring PAX from posting, so he decided to do the thing he never does…be quiet. Warm up: Motivator from 5 (just to get in their heads) IT (seal clap + overhead clap) x30ic Squativator from 5 … More R&R

Last Pit of 2020

12/31/2020 Pax: Maize, Snaphook, Khaki, Square, Nomad, Swayzee, FNG Mike, Cornwallis (Q) DisclaimerCore Principles Warm-o-rama: Harry and Megan quit the Royal family- Harry Rockettes x 20TP shortage- Mtn Man Pooper (toes, squat w/arms out, toes, clap) x 20Sports cancelled- Apolo Onos x 10 IC; Bonnie Blair x 10 IC Trump Impeached by house “You’re Fired” and … More Last Pit of 2020